blockchain ballistics

“Our politicians have sacrificed their principles on the altar of special interests; our corporate leaders have sacrificed their integrity on the altar of profits; and our media watchdogs have sacrificed the voice of dissent on the altar of audience competition.”Tristan Harris (The Social Dilemna, Netflix 2020)

Society must not be subordinated to a single technocratic orthodoxy.

Public narrative – our essential cultural discourse – needs to be more diverse than the self-serving script of a fake duopoly.

Whether it's our greed-envy being manipulated for profit by personalized consumer addictions or our vanity-anger hypnotized for votes by manufactured outrage and the illusion of group belonging, it degrade us, as individuals, and atomizes us, as citizens of advanced mutually inclusive community.

If we remain passive, if the economic and sociopolitical currents simply continue to flow as they have been flowing, we'll be reduced to mere exploited resources of corporate monopolies; and - at best - the generations to come will be born and raised by their most base instincts.

Policing (i.e. enforcing) of public compliance will evolve to use the most advanced, most powerful technology.

No matter how stealthy the system evolves or how benign the justifications sound, unless you're part of the 0.1% (i.e. billionaires, lineage wealth, some key public figures), totalitarian control of the public square is the end of personal freedom.

Enforcement algorithms can be as easily personalized to police you using A.I. dog-drones (see Boston Dynamics demo, below) as they're tailored to police content selection and data harvesting on your social media.

"drone-dog" executing arrest warrant demo (Boston Dynamics May 2020):



Rabbl3 aims to provide a way for the private citizen to compete with corporate-institutional domination of public space.

Rabbl3 is cutting-edge tech with the capacity to unlock the algorithms on behalf of the independent user.

Rabbl3 is a multipurpose ecosystem that proliferates the legitimate impact of individuals as high velocity or coordinated action.

Rabbl3 uses pioneering techniques to re-democratize online communication, allowing its users to assert independent free choice against the multivariate big data precision fuelling artificial intelligence algorithms.

Rabbl3 employs powerful algorithm-targeting, exponential org-focus tools split-run inversion systems, real-time sapient-action-nexus and unique collaboration models.

Because Rabbl3 is not a “bot” its universal cipher unlocks the echo chamber algorithms with none of the dishonest anonymity or automated blitzkrieg used in high-priced B2B social media manipulation.

"Governments are now using fabrication of grassroots support for policies on social media, creating a closed loop in which the regime essentially endorses itself, leaving independent groups and ordinary citizens on the outside." Naomi Klein

Rabbl3 restores the meaning and the spirit of citizen democracy to real-world society, balancing the scales of online influence where they belong: one-man, one-vote.

Rabbl3 concentrates the power of the Many – the only legitimate authority over citizens in a civil society – against the algorithms and tech-gatekeepers, to break the corporate-institutional stranglehold.

Resistance is not useless!

Rabbl3 is Kratos restored to Dēmos

Rabbl3 is Democracy esse quam videri

(“to be, not only seem to be”)

"In terms of technological and communication progress in human history, the Internet is basically the equivalent of electronic telepathy. We can now communicate all the time through our little magic smartphones with people who are anywhere, all the time, constantly learning what they're thinking, talking about, exchanging messages."Edward Snowden

"Addiction is the dominant form of a culture that suffers from a superficial spectacle and celebrity-connectivity at its center. It's a form of spiritual emptiness." — Larry Paige